Wiping a hard drive with DBAN

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Before a clerk computer is disposed of, all data should be erased from its hard drive. Multiple applications exist for performing this function. This page provides step by step instructions for using DBAN to complete this task.

Step 1: Download DBAN

You can download DBAN from SourceForge.

Step 2: Create a boot DVD or CD

Use a CD/DVD burning program to burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD (10 MB in size).

Step 3: Boot the computer with the DBAN DVD/CD you created

Boot the computer from the CD/DVD (Press F12 when you turn on the computer to access the boot device menu…then choose the CD/DVD drive as the boot device).

Step 4: Select the drive to wipe.

After DBAN loads the screen will look like this:

No Image

Press Enter at this point. DBAN should show the storage devices on that computer. As long as there isn’t a USB key plugged in, it should just show one hard drive:

No Image

Press the space bar to select the drive:

No Image

Step 5: Erase or wipe the drive

Once you've selected the drive, hit F10 to start the process. Note: this is an intensive process that writes data 3 times to every sector on the hard drive. It’s not uncommon for this process to take many hours:

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Once complete, the hard drive has been securely wiped of all data and is safe to send out for recycling.

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