What's new and different about the new Cisco 881W meetinghouse firewall?

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There are several things that are new and different with the Cisco 881W meetinghouse firewall.


The new meetinghouse firewall can now be installed and activated in most cases without having to call the Global Service Center (GSC). See the installation guide for assistance.

Integrated Wi-Fi

The 881W comes with integrated Wi-Fi.

Network isolation

The 881W is able to be configured with separate VLANs. Presently this is only used in meetinghouses where there is one or more Internet-enabled appliance (IEA). IEA's include HVAC, power, security, and irrigation systems that are connected to the meetinghouse Internet. This network is referred to as the "Facilities" network and can be set up by contacting the Global Service Center. When created, this network always uses port 3 on the new meetinghouse firewall.

Four internal LAN ports

The Cisco 881W has four standard RJ45 LAN ports. These may be used to connect wired computers to the network, such as ward and stake MLS computers, ports for meetinghouse webcasting, and other uses such as Family History training, etc. Cabling from the firewall to the point of use will be required.


The Cisco 881W is bigger than legacy firewalls. It is 12.75" wide, 9.75" deep, 1.75" high with three coaxial connections for wireless antennas. The package includes three antennas, a standard PC power cord, and an external power supply on a low voltage cord. All power, antenna, internet (to the ISP modem), four ethernet LAN ports, and other connections are on the back of the firewall. You will need to add a few inches to the 9.75" dimension to allow for these connections.


It has screw mounting holes on the back to mount to a wall. Screws are not included. The power supply is unfortunately not in the enclosure, but is midway on the power cord, similar to a laptop. The power transformer does not have mounting slots. You will have to devise your own wall mount using steel strapping tape or some similar method.

Also in the box

Included is a yellow network cable for use between the ISP modem and the firewall. Also included is a blue cable to connect a computer's serial port to the console port on the firewall. In most cases this console cable will no longer be needed. Still, it is recommended that you attach a label to it "Console Cable. Do not lose." and put it in a safe place, just in case it's needed in the future.

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