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Google Translation

Just in case anyone is curious, this first paragraph was translated by Google as:

"La solución proporciona meetinghouse webcast unidades locales de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días, con la información y los instrumentos necesarios para las reuniones locales de difusión a través de Internet a otros lugares. Webcast de la tecnología ofrece una alternativa a los viajes de juego conferencias, las conferencias regionales, firesides, reuniones y formación." -- Joevans3

Google is a good place to start but it mostly translates with poor grammar. -- Charly3358

English Technical Words and Phrases

Today spanish speaking techs use mostly english terms like 'Firewall' instead of contrafuegos; 'Video Streaming' instead of video tiempo real; 'Redes Inalámbricas por Wireless Routers' instead of 'por router inalámbrico'; Cat5e etc etc.

Therefore the correct translations in 2009 is to use "Firewall, Video Streaming, Router" etc -although many places still use 'Ordenadores' instead of 'Computadora', but 'ordenadores' is slowly dieing too!

Also people who will handle this will more likely use 'ethernet Cat5e' instead of 'categoria 5', ie they will now tech lingo etc

re online store you'll see that English terms dominate in IT industry -- Charly3358

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