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Meetinghouse Webcast provides local units of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with the ability to broadcast meetings from one location to other locations over the Internet. Webcast technology provides an alternative to travel for stake conferences, regional conferences, firesides, and training meetings.

Meetinghouse Webcast basics

Webcasts broadcast audio and video from a central location to one or many other locations. Webcasts are transmitted over the Internet to a publishing system (Church media distribution servers). Receiving locations connect over the Internet to the publishing system to receive the webcast. Meetinghouse Webcast provides two options for sending and two options for receiving a webcast. For a video introduction, please watch the Meetinghouse Webcast Overview Video.

Meetinghouse Webcast.


As the travel and time costs for members and leaders increase, webcast technology provides significant opportunities to reduce or limit these costs. For example, it can allow a stake to hold one Sunday session of stake conference and webcast the meeting to other locations within the stake. Learn more about the uses and benefits of Meetinghouse Webcast.


Additional general direction regarding use of cameras, recordings, and the use of technology can be found in Handbook 2: Administering the Church (2010) Section 21.2.10.

Learn more about the policies and guidelines associated with Meetinghouse Webcast.


Several technologies must work together to create and deliver a webcast. Most notably you will need reliable high-speed broadband Internet connections. Hardware and software for sending and receiving the webcast are required as well as equipment for capturing your audio and video. Effective preparation is essential to a successful event. Start your preparations by reviewing Meetinghouse Webcast Requirements.


You can order some meetinghouse webcast components through the Church's Online Store and purchase others through local vendors. This allows you to get the mix of components that best fits your situation. In the United States and Canada, stakes (districts) can order equipment from LDS Catalog. Outside of the United States and Canada, stakes (districts) should contact their Area Offices for assistance in ordering meetinghouse webcast products and components. Learn more about webcast products and components availability.

Additional information

Multiple documents related to Meetinghouse Webcast have been posted to help you understand how to leverage this technology.

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