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Email Elder Dan Eliason and let him know you are ready or ask any questions.

What is an LDSTech Chapter?

Is a group of people interested in technology that are geographically close to each other. The President of an LDSTech Chapter would find a location for all of the group to meet regularly. They would help support the Stake Technology Specialists, LDSTech Conference, Training of local LDS Members, Networking, and accomplish needs identified by the group. The Leader would make sure all of the facilities, wireless network, and accommodations are available. Most commonly used is a Stake Center in your area, but it could be any location that would accommodate a group arranged by that Leader.

What to do to get started

  1. Find a location where you have Internet access available and can host a group. Most stake centers have it, and if they don’t, the Church will pay to have it installed (work with local FM rep for this). You could choose a school, business, or any location that would handle a group and has Internet access.
  2. Schedule the location for the event to avoid conflicts.
  3. Get approval from your local ecclesiastical leader to use the facility for this event if it is a Church building (you can refer them to the LDSTech chapters page for more information).
  4. When you are ready, advertise the location by editing and adding it to the LDSTech chapters page. Other advertising in your area should also be done with a flyer to the local units.
  5. Make sure that you are there and are ready to make people feel welcome during the hours that you choose (shown on the wiki page).
  6. Keep the wiki page up-to-date so others will know if anything changes.
  7. You may want to show the LDSTech Monthy Broadcast LDSTech Broadcast If so, ensure that you have a computer, projector/large screen and audio suitable for the group. This is preferably live but could be shown later if needed since we record it and make it available.
  8. Elder Dan Eliason can notify those signed up at LDSTech in your area about the new chapter, and request that they contact the new chapter manager.

If you have other ideas to add here, please feel free to edit and add them here. We want each LDSTech Chapter Leader to make this successful. This would be hosted by you and you would encourage those attending to join one of the LDSTech Projects and be as productive as possible while the group is together.

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