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May 3, 2011 - We are aware of several issues with the Gospel Library 2.0 update and they are listed in the known issues section. We are working on an update that we hope will fix many if not all of the issues and hope to have it released within a few days. If you are unable to get the app to work using the troubleshooting tips and/or would like to install the old version, the Gospel Library for Android main page has a link to version 1.2 and instructions on how to install it. We will post another announcement on this page when we post the update.

Known issues

Version 2.0

  • After upgrading to version 2.0 some users start experience force closes. See the troubleshooting section for help solving the issue.
  • After downloading content the application will index the data. Depending on the amount of content downloaded and the speed of your device this can take a long time to complete. This will slow down your device and use more battery than typical.
  • Only whole verses can be highlighted at this time. Multiple verses must be highlighted one verse at a time.
  • Bookmarks, highlights and notes cannot be synched with They also cannot be transferred to a new device.
  • Android 1.5 is not working with GL 2.0. A fix is in the works to resolve this issue. (Anticipated GL 2.0.1)

Version 2.1

  • There is no way to search what books are available for download. A fix is in the works to resolve this issue (Anticipated GL 2.2)
  • Fine grained text selection is only available in Android version 2.2 or higher. Devices on older versions must still select whole verses or paragraphs. No fix is expected.
  • Indexing content for search can be slow. Indexing will be evaluated more in the future releases.


App force closes after upgrade

If the app force closes after you upgrade to version 2.0, check the contents of your SD card. There is a folder called "gospel-library" on the SD card at one of the locations listed below. Delete the folder and restart the app. This allows the app to recreate the folder which can fix some of the force close errors.

You will need an additional app to browse the contents of your SD card. We do not endorse any particular app but some apps that will allow you to do this are:

  • AndroZip
  • ASTRO File Manager
  • ES File Explorer
  • Linda File Manager

You can find others by searching for File Manager

Once you have the app installed, browse the contents of your SD card and look for "gospel-library". We know of two locations that it could be located

  • Root - main level of SD Card
  • Android/data/

Once you have found the "gospel-library" file you can delete it and try to run Gospel Library again. If this does not resolve your problem, please send a message to the support email address for further help.

Indexing content is taking an excessive amount of time

To order load content quickly, Gospel Library has been designed to download the content and install it immediately but index it later. Some newer devices can index the content quickly but older ones may take quite some time to do the indexing and may even seem to stall. While this is happening the perfomance of your device will be degraded and your battery life will be consumed faster than normal.

You can stop the indexing by restarting your device or using a task manager to force close the app. The app will continue to index the content after you start the application again.

To cut down on the time it takes to index data, don't download large amounts of content at a time. The more content that is downloaded, the longer it will take to index the data. If you install content as you need it, the indexing process will be much less noticable. The other strategy is to download content just prior to a time that you know you will not be using your device. Then the indexing will happen as normal but it will not slow down your other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Gospel Library?

An instructional video of how to use Gospel Library is listed on the Gospel Library for Android page under Application Features. There is also a How To Guide.

How/why are app permissions used in Gospel Library?

There are several permissions that the app uses to function. The use of some of these permission is obvious (i.e., the INTERNET permission) and the use of some others is not obvious and has caused some concern among our users. Some of the non-obvious permissions are listed below:

  • Phone calls - Read phone state and identity: this permission is not currently used, but will be used in our next release, which will allow for audio playback of some content. In order to respond appropriately to phone call interruptions during audio playback, this permission is required.
  • System tools - Retrieve running applications: this permission is only used to provide a workaround for an Android bug that allows multiple instances of the app to be opened at the same time when initially opened from the "Open" button on the install status view.
  • Your personal information - Read sensitive log data: this permission is only used when a user selects "Submit a bug report" from the help menu in the app. The device logs are scanned for any entries related to the Gospel Library app, and then attached to an email message to send to our support team.

How can I go back to a previous version of Gospel Library?

While we recommend you continue to use the current version of Gospel Library, you can download a previous version for use on our Gospel Library for Android page under Older Versions. Pleae read the caution note carefuly before installing.

Are there plans to add additional content to Gospel Library?

Gospel Library has the ability for you to choose the content you wish to download to your device from an online content library. The content library is maintained by the Church and is updated when new published content is available. This includes the addition of new editions of Church magazines, General Conference reports, new Church manuals and other published content as it is made available.

How do I highlight?

This applies to version 2.1+. You can select text for highlighting by long-pressing (tap and hold for a second) anywhere in the text. The text should show that it's selected and annotation menu bar will show up on the bottom of the screen.

How do I create a bookmark?

Press Menu and select Bookmarks. Press the Add Bookmark button and edit the title of the bookmark if desired and press OK.

How do I update or delete a bookmark?

Press Menu and select Bookmarks. Long press the bookmark you wish to update or delete and you will get a pop-up that will allow you to Go to Bookmark, Update Bookmark or Delete Bookmark.

How do I move forward and backward from chapter to chapter?

Simply swipe the screen from the right to left side of the screen to advance forward to the next chapter. A swipe from left to right will take you back a chapter.

Why is the content of books different in Gospel Library than is in printed versions?

The content in Gospel Library and on is the most current, accurate and appoved content for published content. Content will occasionally be updated to help improve the readability of the books. Online content will be the first to reflect those changes while subsequent printings of books will reflect those changes.

For an example, see the header of Isaiah 40 and compare it to the book version.

How can I delete content that I have downloaded?

Navigate to the book you want to delete. Press the arrow button > to the right of the content. Select Remove from the popup menu.

How to request help

If you can't find the answer to your problem or if you've found a new bug with Gospel Library for Android, please go into the app and select the Submit a Bug Report option in the Help menu. Please include details about your issue or question in the bug report before you send it. This will ensure that you get prompt help from the support team. Additionally, you may email us at but if you are having an issue, the support team may ask for you to send a bug report before we can help solve your issue. You can also post questions (and see questions and answers from others) on the online help forum for Gospel Library for Android.

Additional information

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