Deleting an Existing TFS Project

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Is this a project that was created before TFS 2010? Does this matter? This article provides instructions on how to delete a TFS Team Project.

Instructions for deleting automatically

You can use the TfsDeleteProject application to do this. You can find this by opening a Visual Studio Command prompt, but its full path is usually something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\TFSDeleteProject.exe.


Team Foundation Delete Project Tool

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Usage: TfsDeleteProject [/q] [/force] [/excludewss] /collection:<url> <team project name>

Deletes the Team Project from Team Foundation. To use this command, you must be a member of either the Team Foundation Server Administrators group or a member of the Project Administrators group for the project you are deleting. Use this command with caution because after deleting the team project it cannot be recovered.

[/q] - Do not prompt for confirmation.

[/force] - Continue even if some data cannot be deleted.

[/excludewss] - Exclude the project's SharePoint site when deleting the project. This option will leave the site intact so that it remains for other projects that may be using it.

/collection:<url> - The URL for a Team Project Collection.

<team project name> - The name of the project. Use quotes if there are spaces in the name.

Instructions for deleting manually

You need to check to see if there is a corresponding SharePoint Portal:

  1. Start a browser as Administrator.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select Site Actions > View All Site Content:
    • This will render an alphabetically sorted list of SharePoint 2010 Portals.
  4. If there is one of those for the TFS 2010 project you are going to delete, select it.
  5. Select Site Actions > Site Settings.
  6. Under the Site Actions area, click on Delete this site.
  7. Next, RDP into one of the TFS App-Tier servers (w1576 / w1719 for internal, W1738 / W1778 for Community).
  8. Open Team Foundation Server Administrator Console.
  9. Select Team Project Collections and then the Team Projects tab.
  10. Select the TFS Project to be deleted and then click the red 'x' Delete button:
  11. Select the check boxes for Delete external artifacts and Delete workspace data:
  12. Click Delete.
  13. The State column will indicate that the project is being deleted:

Other Resources

  • This external blog provides additional instructions on how to permanently delete a TFS Team Project.
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