Creating a LDS Java Stack Project

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Software Requirements

Creating an LDS Java Stack Project from the Stack Starter

  1. To start creating your project, launch the Java Stack Starter. On slow Internet connections, the Stack Starter may take a minute or so to download. Please be patient.
  2. Click the the downloaded jar to run it.
  3. On the first screen, specify the type of project you are creating, fill in the appropriate fields, and then click Next.

    • Project Name: The name of your project. This will be used for the directory name containing your project.
    • Package Name: While this doesn't need to be, it is recommended.
    • Project Location: Where the project directory should be added.
  4. Specify the configuration for the appropriate Property Groups. To move between property groups, use the left-hand menu. Don't use the Next button. Below is an explanation of some of the settings. You'll note a help icon next to most properties - you can hover your mouse over this icon to get more information about that property. Some properties have a web page associated with them, which you can get to by double-clicking on the help icon.

    Note that as you go through the properties, some will be grayed-out and you will not be able to update them. This is because another property's value has made that particular property unavailable - you can usually hover over the help icon to find out why a property is disabled.
    • Build Options

    • Security Options

    • Service Layer Options

    • View Layer Options

  5. When you are satisfied with all of your settings in each property group, click Next.
  6. On the final page, review the settings you have specified and click Build. This will create the project directory structure with files and configuration that match the options you selected.

  7. When the build is complete, the final page will provide some additional information and links to Java Stack documentation.

  8. Once the screen indicates your build is complete, you may go back to create another project or click Exit.

Importing your project into the LDSTech IDE

  1. Start the LDSTech IDE: Getting started with the LDSTech IDE (Java WebApp platform)
  2. Navigate to File->Import, and click on 'Maven', then 'Existing Maven Projects'
  3. Specify the directory of your project. The process may spin for a bit and then should show you a handful of projects that it will be creating for you.
    LDS Tech - Select Project.png
  4. Click OK, and you're done!
    LDS Tech - Import.png

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