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Wireless Internet Access in Meetinghouses Print E-mail
Written by Jacob Stark   
Friday, 05 August 2011

Wireless Internet in Meetinghouses

Since 2008, the Church has allowed local leaders to direct the installation of Internet access in local meetinghouses. However, at the end of 2010, only around 50 percent of meetinghouses worldwide had enabled it. The Church is now seeking to make high-speed Internet available in about 85 percent of meetinghouses by the end of 2011.

“Local leaders who have had the Internet in their buildings believe it has been a blessing in the lives of leaders and members,” said Derek Hays, a product manager over Meetinghouse Technology. “The Church wants to make those benefits and blessings available to more members."

Teachers will be able to supplement their lessons with online Church-produced media, job seekers will have easier access to the Church's employment website, and more members will be able to participate in family history work. In addition, local leaders will use Church Internet tools to manage membership and financial records, submit applications for missionary service, and watch leadership training broadcasts.

In some areas where small congregation sizes and high implementation costs limit satellite use, Saints have waited 4–6 weeks to view general conference, when DVD recordings of conference become available. Meetinghouse Internet access in some of these area has allowed members to watch conference live or download and watch a recorded version shortly after the event.

Centralized Cost

Church websites provide numerous tools and resources to assist members and leaders all over the world, and Church leaders want these resources available inside meetinghouses. Until this year, local Church units paid for Internet service out of their local operating budgets (unless they had a family history center). This presented financial challenges, and many local leaders decided not have Internet installed in their buildings. In an effort to make Internet access standard in meetinghouses, facilities management now pays for Internet costs—just like they do other utilities, such as electricity and water.

LDS Account

In 2012, members and leaders around the world will be able to connect to meetinghouse Internet via their LDS Account, making it much easier for them to gain access to online Church resources in ward and stake buildings. Personalized access through an LDS Account will also help increase individual accountability for how the Internet is used.

The Church has long used technology to broadcast the gospel to the world. From the first Mormon Tabernacle Choir radio broadcasts to satellite communications, Meetinghouse Internet is another step forward in using technology to enrich and bless the lives of members across the globe.

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# LM 2012-03-26 12:30
Regarding "connect to meetinghouse Internet via their LDS Account". Where do we get more info about this? Currently we have LDSAccess which simply has one password that must be shared with anyone who wants to use the system.
# Tom Johnson 2012-03-26 15:52
More information about LDS Account authentication in meetinghouses is forthcoming. I think the rollout to meetinghouses with this new model is being done in phases. There should be more info about this at the upcoming LDSTech Conference.
# Scott Egbert 2012-06-05 09:15
So, was this discussed in the LDSTech Conference? Is there a roll-out plan? We've had many members of our ward who have read this and are anxious to begin using the wifi to bring videos and other content into their lessons on Sundays and the other activities during the week. Thanks!
# Ben Hutchins 2012-06-05 09:23
We just recently received approval from the new presiding Bishop to begin a 500 site pilot where we will require LDS Account authentication (sign in) to access Internet in meetinghouses. This will create individual accountability and help us move in that general direction (allowing member access to Internet).

"Is there a roll-out plan? We've had many members of our ward who have read this and are anxious to begin using the wifi to bring videos and other content into their lessons on Sundays and the other activities during the week."
# Harold Smoot 2012-08-02 05:46
To whom can we provide the church-wide wireless password for LDSAccess? It is posted on the wall at one of the local family history centers and in one stake they have given to so many people that they run out of ip ad[censored] on Sunday. What are the rules/guidelines for distribution and use of the password?
# Ben Hutchins 2012-08-02 07:40
Technology used in meetinghouses (including Internet) is under the direction of the stake or district president. The Church has not issued a policy statement regarding who is allowed or not allowed to use the LDSAccess wireless network.

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