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LDS Directory Quiz

Postby gkendallwilkey » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:15 pm

I don’t know about you guys, but every week at church I have the thought, “when did they move in?” or “ooh...I forgot their names...” and then come to learn that they’ve been in the ward for 2+ years. Yeah, embarrassing. Happens all of the time especially because I travel for work.

Bottom line: I want to get to know the ward. And I have this idea that has gotten some great feedback from the members of my ward (many of whom feel my pain).

IDEA: within LDS Tools, there should be an LDS Directory Quiz mode that, we’ll, quizzed you on the names, faces, callings, and families of your ward!!

Example: Picture #1 - who is this?
A. Bro. Smith
B. Bro. Johnson
C. Bro. Carlson

Question: who is the Relief Society President?
A. Sis. Cade
B. Sis. Kenton
C. Sis. Wade

Reasons why we should have this??
1. Members can get to know each other in a way better than merely browsing LDS Tools.
2. Members can learn callings.
3. Members can learn faces.
4. It forces members to upload recent pictures in LDS Tools.
...I can go on.

It would even be so funny to go as far as having a “scoreboard” illustrating who knows the Ward best (silly idea), haha.

Anyway, not sure where / if we can go on with this, but I thought this forum would be a good start!

Many thanks!

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