D80 Camera Discontinued

Conversations around originating a webcast for conference, including cameras and mixers.
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Re: D80 Camera Discontinued

Postby njgpeck » Mon Mar 04, 2019 4:07 pm

We also went with PTZ Optics cameras. Our last stake conference was flawless. Broadcast to our two other buildings and had people viewing on the web without any issues. We are still using the Teradek.

Just before our stake conference we upgraded the ISP for all three of our buildings to 40Mb down 10Mb up. It made a huge difference. Went setting up the meeting on the church's webcast page I had it test my speed and recommend a setting just to see what it would say. It said HD, but I dropped it down a step to High and it worked great. I've got a IP Joystick camera controller made by PTZ Optics.

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Re: D80 Camera Discontinued

Postby fetch0000 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:41 pm

We use our webcast system for stake conferences and stake trainings, as we broadcast to 4 different buildings, in both Spanish and English. We had many complaints about the video quality of the SD cameras. Therefore, we have made the jump to HD, using 5 PTZOptics Cameras via NDI and Roku devices for the receiving sites. The new cameras are fantastic, being able to adjust the picture quality using the camera IP controller. We are using the PTZOptics IP camera super controller and Vmix as our video and streaming software. We have 4 28inch monitors mounted in our tech room. Two of them are touch screen for operating Vmix, and the other, for the computer desktop. With the other 2 monitors, one shows actual live video output and the other is the Preview or the next live video shot, which allows the person controlling the cameras, to adjust the camera shot. We purchased a customized, top of the line gaming desktop from Origin PC, with a liquid cooled I9 8 core/16 threads CPU, with 64GB Ram, SSD, and an 11GB Nvidia RTX 2080ti video card, with USB thunderbolt and multiple video outputs. We have an Epson 4k mounted projector in the chapel. I happen to be an Epson distributor, which translates to at cost savings! We have automated any and everything that can be automated, including the chapel projector screen and sound system. Everything can be controlled remotely from our tech room or from home via remote access into our tech computer. We have jumped ship with the church streaming system. We now use Sunday Streams. We use the vidiu teradek system as a backup system. We have a backup audio only system for the receiving sites, as well, just in case of an outtage with power or internet. We also have a backup audio system in line, for the chapel, if there becomes an issue with the chapel audio system. We are fortunate to have a stake presidency and FM group that have been very supportive of our technology needs and efforts!

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