No Elders Quorum Presidency in Branch

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No Elders Quorum Presidency in Branch

Postby cjohn1949 » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:07 pm

During the change in priesthood quorum organizations in stakes and wards, the High Priest Group Leadership in our branch was released. We waited as our stake presidency reorganized all the new ward elders quorums. But when our time came our assigned high counselor explained that (according to instructions from our stake president) since our branch is in a stake, unlike a branch in a mission, we would not have an elders quorum. Our branch president was to be in charge of all the Melchizedek priesthood holders in the branch. Our branch president wanted to delegate conducting our priesthood meetings and supervising the ministering brothers and their routes. So he had the former high priest group leader become supervising Instructor.

I am confused. MLS still only has the customary elders quorum presidency positions, so I created a custom calling of supervising instructor in MLS and entered his name after he was called and set apart as supervising instructor. Are we missing something? We have 20 high priests, elders, and prospective elders in our care center branch, along with ten high priests and elders serving us out-of-ward callings.

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Re: No Elders Quorum Presidency in Branch

Postby jonesrk » Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:22 pm

I think care center branches may have different rules. I know the branch in our stake has an elders quorum, but I looked at the care center branch in the neighboring stake and it doesn't have a called elders quorum presidency. Again I don't know if that's the rule or just the decision of the stake president.
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Re: No Elders Quorum Presidency in Branch

Postby russellhltn » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:02 am

cjohn1949 wrote:since our branch is in a stake, unlike a branch in a mission, we would not have an elders quorum.

I'd be curious about how he came to that conclusion. Granted, section 7 (Melchizedek Priesthood) only has a section titled "Ward Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership". There is no section titled "Branch Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership". However, in the Introduction, it says "References to wards and stakes usually apply also to branches, districts, and missions."

Likewise, there are two branches in my stake. (One language, and one student). Both have elders quorums (per the CDOL).

Handbook 2: 17.2 lists situations that might cause changes to the normal program. While the section on Melchizedek Priesthood is somewhat out of date, I don't see anywhere where it indicates that dropping the elders quorum is an option.

My best guess is that this may be the result of the First Presidency letter which only talks about wards and not about branches. I think the instruction from the Introduction to the Handbook applies. If the First Presidency had intended to eliminate the elders quorum from branches, I'd think they would have spelled that out somewhere in the letter or the two FAQs issued since then.

That said, the stake president has the keys to interpretation. That doesn't mean you can't politely raise the issue with him or one of his councilors. If he has questions about the situation, he can consult with the area authority.
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