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Re: Download of all content

Postby matthewsage » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:32 am

sbradshaw wrote:CSS updates can cause a lot of content to be updated at once.

If a CSS update can trigger re-downloading of a couple hundred magazines or GC talks I think that speaks volumes to needing the option to disable the update check on start up, or at least a pop up notification that says, "371 items have been updated, do you wish to download now?".
When the update check is triggered on startup, there is a high probability of being at a church building on their WiFi in the middle of a class, meeting, or lesson. None of which are ideal times to start downloading a ton of content.
Thank you Sam Bradshaw for reading and responding to this thread!

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Re: Download of all content

Postby LDS_P@triot » Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:52 pm

If CSS is being updated so frequently that it queues the update of all GL content on a weely basis, then maybe the CSS code needs to be more closely reviewed as it suggests/indicates that correctable flaws are being overlooked, and we users become unwitting victims.

I check in the morning, and again an hour before Sunday School started ... nothing. Fifteen minutes before Sunday School started, the updates start ... all 1900+ articles (two languages) and it takes 45 minutes (Galaxy S7 Edge). The GL update chews through approximately 40% of battery life and renders my phone nearly unusable, especially GL, and occasionally--since I usually put my phone back in my pocket while I wait out the update--I even get overheating alerts.

I've deleted GL and reinstalled it, deleted GL content and downloaded all of it afresh ... there has to be a better, more permanent solution than telling people about CSS updates.

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