Gospel library requires internet access

Discussions around the Android version of the Gospel Library application.
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Re: Gospel library requires internet access

Postby natet » Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:24 am

russellhltn wrote:Which begs the question - why so many updates? Are they updating as they push out a format update for each chapter? Can someone talk to them and indicate what kinds of problems the frequent updates are causing?

One of the problems we have is with buildings that have substandard internet connections. We have one building that houses 4 units. A couple of wards have regular attendance of over 300 people, and a third is not far behind that. I've had to start turning off the wireless network in the building because everyone downloading the content updates during classes is causing the clerks to have extreme difficulty submitting their tithing and printing checks.

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Re: Gospel library requires internet access

Postby mswitzer » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:52 pm

I've noticed similar behavior on my Android (Samsung Galaxy M8). What I notice is, I sit down before Sacrament Meeting starts, open up Gospel Library on my phone, and all this content starts trying to download. Tons of content. I'm not really sure what it is. Building's WiFi is super slow (surely overloaded) so content doesn't seem to actually download. I close GL, disconnect from building's WiFi, reopen GL. Problem solved - GL doesn't try to download anything anymore.

I thought this was only happening at church (almost every Sunday), but I'll pay closer attention at home and see if it's more frequent and see if I can find a pattern.

FYI, my phone connects to the church's WiFi automatically.

(Side bar: I will turn off auto connect to the building's WiFi because it's so slow and data connection is faster anyway. It's just something I never think about until the next time church is about to start.)

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Re: Gospel library requires internet access

Postby NoahVail » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:14 am

natet wrote:I've noticed an annoyance with the Gospel Library app on my Android tablet. Our building has terrible internet, so we have been turning off the wireless network each Sunday so that the clerks can perform their financial processes. Today I noticed that as I clicked around in the Gospel Library, a box appears at the bottom of the screen that says "This action requires an internet connection. Please connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network and try again". This message remains on the screen for several minutes, blocking some of the content on the page. I've only observed this on my tablet. My phone doesn't seem to have the same issue.

This describes my problem precisely. [ My device details are at the bottom ]
If GL app decides it's time to download the latest content (ie: next month's Ensign, not video) and my phone doesn't have internet connectivity, I get the "This action requires..." notice bubble.
It was also an issue during previous app versions.

The notice remains on my screen until I go to a place with usable wifi (ie: go home) or Force Stop the app (reopening the app repeats the issue).
The notice does not go away when I minimize, back-button-close or swipe-window-close the app.
I tried force closing my app & then turning off my wifi. However, I get the same result when I relaunch the app.

My typical Sunday experience is like this.
2nd or 3rd hour lesson begins
Open GL app
Wait-wait-wait for Moroni progress/splash screen to time out
Briefly get to content
Get "This action requires..." notice blocking bottom ¼ of screen
Try to read around the notice for the rest of the class (and the next class).

You can imagine what camping trips are like.

Could we get an option to disable the notice?
Or could the notice get moved to the status bar?
Or could the notice time-out after a second or so?

I have GL ver - Android 7.1.1 - LG G3 - Google Play Services 12.6.85 -
Device is WiFi only, no cellular data. The cellular radio is never on. The wifi radio is always on.

Our building wifi doesn't reach the chapel.
However, that doesn't matter because our Sunday internet usage far exceeds our ISP provisioning. Our pipe is choked & no one is updating anything on Sunday.

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Re: Gospel library requires internet access

Postby allanhen » Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:22 am

Why does the App --REQUIRE-- downloading all the time ? , I don't think the scriptures have changed THAT much !!!!!

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Re: Gospel library requires internet access

Postby lajackson » Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:45 am

The scriptures don't, but a lot of other things do. There are new magazines each month, lesson manuals are being updated, New content is being added, especially with the Come, Follow Me curriculum. And yes, it is a royal pain.

One thing I have done to lessen the grief is to open GL on Saturday evening while I am on a solid WiFi site (home, for me). Usually, this saves the Sunday morning wait at Church while GL tries to get caught up on a very slow WiFi (meetinghouse).

But it does seem to me that the same things keep downloading and downloading over and over. Nothing unchanged should download. Only changes should be coming down the line. But there are a lot of them.

Another option is to go into airplane mode before starting GL. You will have to get the updates at some point, but on Sunday you can still get to the scriptures quickly if your device is not on any network and unable to download changes when you first start GL. It also works if you forgot to open GL and let it update on Saturday evening.

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Re: Gospel library requires internet access

Postby matthewsage » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:13 pm

This has been a very frustrating aspect of an otherwise amazing app and resource for the last few years, ever since the reworked Gospel Libray app version 4. For awhile I used version that 3, but then that stopped being updated with new content. I regularly send feedback through the app to detail all the problems everyone else has listed above, however I believe the real trouble is a fundamental design change. The app developers have decided to go to more of a streaming platform, so the intent is for you to not download all the content and keep it on your phone or tablet. Rather, you tap on what you want to see and it downloads.

I feel this obviously has a lot of drawbacks, namely poor internet access when you need it. I understand that there are constant updates to content, but the frustrating part is how easy a fix this would be. Every app I have, even the basic Android OS, allows me to choose if I want to auto-update content or not. LDS Tools allows me to sync when I want to, my finance apps only update my bank information when I ask, and Android will only update apps when I tell it to, or allow me to choose auto-update.

I so, so, so wish that the app developers would simply add an Update Content button so I can update when I want to. They can even put in an "Auto-update content" option for those that want it to work as is in the background. That would make this app fully functional at all times.

I'm running a self-reliance facilitator training right now and I was trying to show videos from the training guide in the Gospel Library app. 1 minute into the video GL decided to start 508 current downloads of general conference and ensigns since the 1980s. It does this redownloading 2 to 3 times a week. I had to switch over to the LDS Media Library app, which thankfully lets me just play videos!

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Re: Gospel library requires internet access

Postby ekuzco » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:57 am

russellhltn wrote:Which begs the question - why so many updates? Are they updating as they push out a format update for each chapter? Can someone talk to them and indicate what kinds of problems the frequent updates are causing?

I second what he said. Please make it stop. The scriptures aren't changing, that's the only thing I have downloaded. There is NO reason for all the updates. It is ridiculous.

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