Cannot update account info because TFA never arrives

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Cannot update account info because TFA never arrives

Postby josephmhansen » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:32 am

I am in the habit of changing my passwords every year or two. I currently cannot update my information.

Once I click on "Account Settings," having entered my username and password, I am prompted for a code for Two-Factor Authentication, which I have set up through text message. It says the message has been "sent to the number ending in ***," and the correct digits are there.

The text message never arrives.

I have tried multiple times, waiting a considerable duration between attempts, and have clicked the "resend" button multiple times. I tried using different browsers.

I may try going through an "I forgot my password" scenario at some point, but I've been avoiding it because (1) I remember my password and (2) I imagine the "I forgot my password" function would ask me to do TFA anyway--then I'd be locked out of my account because the password wouldn't work anymore, too!

Any clues on how to get past this?

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Re: Cannot update account info because TFA never arrives

Postby mackayr » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:41 am

I don't know if you're having the same problem as me, but it sounds similar. In the end, I went back and forth between my phone provider and the church support people (including an "engineer") for several hours before it was resolved. It was something internally that had to be fixed on the church side. The text messages never actually left the church system. As part of the troubleshooting, we changed the TFA number to my son's phone (also with the same provider) and it worked fine. I think in the end all they had to do was disable TFA and remove my phone number, so that I could set it up from scratch again. Unfortunately, I think a by-product was that I ended up having to change my password again, but that's certainly the lesser evil compared with being blocked entirely from my account.

For what it's worth, my case number was INC04853516. Perhaps they can refer to that case number to see how it was resolved. Hopefully it doesn't take as long as it did for me.

Good luck!


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