NEW Duty To God APP Ios - Android

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NEW Duty To God APP Ios - Android

Postby elderferreyra » Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:32 pm

Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you about an application that I developed about the program My Duty to God.
The application is non-profit to give youth, parents and leaders a tool to make it easier to work with My Duty to God (not an official application of the Church)

Here the links so that they can see it and a description of it: ... 05883?mt=8 ...

MyDutyToGod is an application created to help Young Men of the Church and their parents and leaders in their efforts to fulfill the Duty to God program.

This application was created from the vision of a young men's stake president, simply in their eagerness to magnify their appeal and look for ways to help their youngsters. It was based on the booklet and the church website.

Main Functionality:
-The young man can write plans and then his feelings in what is called "diary."
- All the content of the application is found offline, in the same way, everything that the young man writes can be accessed offline.
- If the device does not have internet, and the young man completes some section, when connecting to Internet will update the database. This will avoid one of the problems is that young people sometimes lose the book and are often discouraged.
- It presents the functionality of being able to navigate directly from the application to the "Library of the Gospel" when names are denominated in the different sections. This is of great benefit to help young people and leaders in their use.
-Friends, Parents and leaders, (followers) will be able to follow the young person when descending the application. Those who follow will not be able to see a detail of what the young man writes, but if he knows under what topic he wrote. This was done to motivate the adults, that when he gets a notice that the young man can go something and interview him to know what goal was put and so to help him. The application does not come to replace the face-to-face contact, but to provide a help to make this contact more frequent and personal. To the quorum presidents, he helps them to invite other young people to talk about the plans they put in place.

It can be seen in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

This application has several benefits:
1. Notifications are received when a young man writes something.
2. The follower can see the whole history of the youth with dates to follow up
3. It has a section where all the items of My Duty to God are seen and you can quickly see what plans were written but not written in the diary, which can be an opportunity to talk to the young man.
4. You will receive reminders that will ask the young man how he comes with his plan, and the adults to ask the young man to ask how they come with a plan after a while.
5. For young people who receive notifications from other young people who made plans and wrote in their journal, it will be a motivation and a reminder of their own Duty to God

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