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Re: "Take a Name"

Postby MarianJohnson » Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:24 am

I disagree with the previous "clod" who thinks that the solution is to "RESERVE THE ORDINANCES to "SHARE with CHURCH. " There have been many occasions when I have found names of people who are my direct line ancestors whose names have been languishing in the "system" for periods up to five years waiting for the church to get around to doing endowments for them. On one occasion where the names had been reserved for nearly five years I send a message to the "reserver" asking that he release them so that I could do the work. I got no response. I was finally able to get access to the names by contacting FamilySearch directly. I see the process of reserving names for the temple to do as a delaying tactic, and think that if one is not able to do the work personally, he or she should leave it alone so that others who are interested in actually doing the work can access and reserve the names for themselves.

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Re: "Take a Name"

Postby BeGoodAlways » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:12 am

Hi Gary, there is a link to a great video posted by another user farther up in the discussion, it is called, "BYU Family History Library: What every family tree user should know about name finding apps". I understand not wanting to leave any ancestors work undone. However, there are a few concerns about your comments, "GET THOSE SURPLUS NAMES INTO THE SYSTEM," and, "MY SOLUTION = take each name from T. a N. list, go to FamilySearch AND RESERVE THE ORINANCES to “SHARE with CHURCH.” I know you are not the only one who has had similar comments. First, when our ancestors start to be called, "surplus names," then it becomes a numbers game. There isn't actual research done to see if they have missing children, spouses, etc. that also need their work done. Plus, they may even have stories and pictures that helps to give even more of a personal connection. Relying on the spirit for research plays a huge role in family history. Also, all the names that this 'Take a Name app' collects by "crawling" the tree, are names submitted by actual research done by users of Family Search, and for your tree, most likely relatives you don't know exist. The names were not submitted by the church into the world tree, they were submitted by individuals who have taken the time to find their family and submit them. Due to human error, sometimes there are duplicate names, incomplete dates and places, etc. that these apps can't fully calculate (even though they claim the names are temple ready). It actually tends to clog up the temple system, leaving "Share with Church" names, sitting there for years. When in fact, they may be duplicates or another relative could get the work done sooner, if only their ordinances would be available. I can tell you are a fan of this app. So if you are going to be on Family Search after using the app to share the name with the temple, why don't you take the time to double check the names for duplicates (it won't always show as a, "Possible Duplicate" hint), see if there are other records hints that could help find more family, and take some time to learn more about your ancestors that may even be watching over you, and cheering you on. :)

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