Donations Record for my dependent children

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Donations Record for my dependent children

Postby zubeldia » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:59 pm

The ability to download an "official" statement with the donations from last year is great. Thank you.

For the next software release you ought to add the ability for me to do one or both of the following:
A) download separate statements for the donations of each one of my children living at home
B) consolidate all the family donations into one statement, so I can use it for tax purposes

As it stands today, not all my tithe-paying children have LDS.ORG accounts, so we need to get a paper statement from the Bishop.


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Re: Donations Record for my dependent children

Postby russellhltn » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:45 pm

Both of those suggestions would require a clearance from the privacy/legal folks. The second one would have to be approved by the tax experts.

Personally, I have my doubts.

But this is just a user-to-user support forum. Feedback like that needs to be sent via the feedback link on the main site.
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