When printing calendar - list layers displayed as a footer

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When printing calendar - list layers displayed as a footer

Postby DMuir » Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:25 pm

As we try to involve more and more individuals in viewing the on-line calendar, there will still be the few that will "require" a printed calendar. It would be helpful and instructive if at the bottom of the page under the "Monthly" grid being printed, that the various "Layers" of the calendar that are included in the view and printout be listed as a "Footer note" to assist and instruct those who are less than computer friendly.

I feel that for the electronic calendar to be fully adopted by tech savey individuals, you also need multiple and specific layers to allow each individual to customize their subscription so they don't get too much clutter on their mobile devices and then get frustrated and opt out. Yet with multiple and very granuler layers of the calendar it is easy to print a calendar that doesn't present all the information that should be presented. Having a list of calendars included in the "view" would be a good reminder of what is presented on paper. Thanks.

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