General conference video on media/USB players with subtitles/closed captions

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Re: General conference video on media/USB players with subtitles/closed captions

Postby jcrosbie » Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:38 pm

petepaulos wrote:1. Would it be better to offer a separate subtitle file, or embed the caption file in the video download?
-example of embedded captions in video download ... nload=true

2. For a separate subtitle file, which file format is preferred? (.XML, .SRT, .VTT, etc)

3. For accessibility to these separate subtitle files, is adding them to "downloads" in the Media library a good location? See picture for example ... xample.jpg
This location is just an example, and the download could appear in a different location.

User "paulw" brought to my attention this forum post and I'd like to get things rolling quickly. A bit of a warning, adding a separate subtitle file to all our media would take just a couple weeks, however embedding caption files into the video downloads for all our media may take several years.

We're here to serve our users as best as we can, and your feedback will really help get things moving!

Hi Pete, just chiming in:

1) If there is a way to embed them with good compatibility for all the media library videos then that would be ideal. So have embedded subtitles for all the media library files then just have separate subtitle files for general conference sessions, broadcasts and training videos.

2) For the general conference/broadcast/training videos - XML and SUB or SRT would be great. XML allows for easy conversion into other formats, and SUB/SRT tend to work well with media players like VLC etc.

3) Only a small proportion of users will be using them so I don't think they need to be displayed prominently (ie. on the General Conference page on but just somewhere either in the Media Library or somewhere on where those who need them can find them would be terrific.


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Re: General conference video on media/USB players with subtitles/closed captions

Postby niederhausern » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:33 pm

Following-up to see if there are any further developments on offline mp4 file closed captioning options.

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