Maraki and Cisco AP integration issues.

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Re: Maraki and Cisco AP integration issues.

Postby CleggGP » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:47 am

jkentner wrote:It must have been a timing issue. Our Cisco APs now show up in TM and they can be disabled!

The TM enable/disable feature is done through the firewall controller for Cisco APs. After a firewall upgrade it may take a while for the Cisco APs to find a network controller. The message "Not found" flashes in TM for APs that have not found a controller. Pressing the refresh button on the "Access Points" tab will fetch the current AP/controller status. Note that a controller is not listed for Meraki APs (since they are cloud managed). When a Cisco AP is connected to a controller then the TM "Enabled/Disabled" feature works.

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Re: Maraki and Cisco AP integration issues.

Postby jamiep39 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:50 pm

Is there a plan to re-integrate the ability to see what clients are connected to each AP? Before I could click on the AP and see what clients were connected to it. That was handy for troubleshooting.

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Re: Maraki and Cisco AP integration issues.

Postby Hagothsen » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:41 am

At the training sessions for deployment of the Meraki equipment in our area, it was mentioned that by the end of 2018, some 19000 MX64s will be deployed worldwide. Assuming a delivered price of $500 each, we're looking at 9.5 million dollars worth of widows mites. Further assuming that to replace every single Cisco WAP would require no less than 50000 MR33s, likely much more, and now we're talking another 22.5 million at $450 a piece. We're at 32 million, assuming all of this equipment is installed by STSs or other "volunteers". I can confirm that this isn't happening because I've installed 12 of each so far as part of my job.

Why? So saints can check their social media feeds? I guess sports scores might be of interest as well. Don't tell me we need high-speed WiFi to view scriptures or hymn lyrics. I'm tired of telling people they need to download the videos they want to fill the gaps in their lesson plans before they come to the building. I only get concerned when people try to teach modern family history tools. Even then, I suspect the problem lies in church servers getting pounded on Sundays. A few years ago, I was floored when I learned our FM Group bumped the internet speed at a seminary building in my stake, to 4 times what we had at the Stake Center. The seminary building has spectacular cellular coverage, but do we had to throw dollars at faster internet speeds for a building with a whopping TWO wireless access points, one behind a powerline adapter? The vast majority of church WiFi connected devices HAVE CELLULAR DATA already! Again, I ask, WHY?

I for one am grateful for firewalls with gigabit ports. With them, I'll get rock-solid inbound HD broadcast feeds, super strong outbound Stake Conference broadcasts, and the opportunity to provide at least one dedicated spot in my buildings for truly good Wifi. Admittedly, my old CIsco881w was able to do some of that. But Cisco has these inconvenient "end of life" policies. I see no wisdom in heavily investing in soon to be retired 881s, 702s, and 1041s. If I've got to sacrifice seamless mediocre WiFi to get better-focused performance, I'll take it!

I think the deployment of MX64s and MR33s is necessary and about as good as it can get without unlimited funds.

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