Attendance Rolls

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Re: Attendance Rolls

Postby drepouille » Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:57 pm

scgallafent wrote:Another option would have been to have her log in and print the attendance rolls. She has that capability in the online tools.

I always want to teach them how to do it themselves, but I'm often afraid they will think I am a jerk for not doing it for them.
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Re: Attendance Rolls

Postby waynecooke » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:51 pm

Very good point. But the trick is getting her to do it. Her "job" is to 'run the organization, not print up the rolls'. In the many years of being Financial Clerk (18 years, six Bishops, three Wards), I found that it was such a great 'service' I could render as I was in the Office, someone would stick their heads in, and ask if I could run a roll, and I could do it for them. Sometimes I would even be doing something else, a long involved project that perhaps that person wouldn't/shouldn't be privy to, and I could go 'over' that project, print out a quick roll, or even something else that I no longer have 'access' to, do it, solve their 'problem', and go back to my project. It was such a quick, simple, helpful service, that I now cannot perform.

I guess someone, somewhere decided that it would be a 'bad' thing if I could see a list of the kids in the CTR 8 class, or the names of the Priests in the Ward. Oh, well.

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