The Evolution of Ward Communications

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The Evolution of Ward Communications

Postby jeffa » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:04 am

I'm currently serving as ward executive secretary. Our bishopric has engaged the counsel from Elder Quentin L. Cook from his Oct 2018 conference talk ( about optimizing the Sacrament Meeting hour by reducing announcements, etc. so that the focus of the meeting can be more on the ordinance of the Sacrament.
"To help members prepare for the Sabbath, some wards already send an informative email, text, or social media message midweek. In view of this adjustment, we strongly recommend this type of communication. These invitations will remind the members of the Sunday meeting schedule for that week, including the upcoming class lesson topic, and support continuing gospel conversation at home. In addition, the adult meetings on Sunday will also provide information to connect church and home study each week."

I've been sending out emails using LCR pointing to a Google Document shared with only those who have the link for the following reasons:

  • So we can overcome the limitations of the formatting of the "Send a Message" application in LCR.
  • "Advertising" of events using posters and flyers can be digitized and not placed in the foyer thereby not distracting members and visitors who are seeking the healing influence of the Lord by coming to church
  • If we ever get an affordable SMS texting solution we can point members to this Google Document via text

The direction we're heading towards is starting to look more like a website rather than an email. This has bred the question: Is there a precedence as to how we can reliably put this information into a mobile application of sorts? I know that has in the past let members enter information regarding lesson schedules and currently allows for events to be placed in a calendar, but I'm wondering if anyone in Salt Lake has considered creating a mobile app that will allow push notifications to be sent out (sort of like SMS text messages) along with some sort of template for supplementing a printed program with a bulletin of announcements. If not that, is there any interest by Salt Lake into implementing some type of opt-in SMS texting platform for church members similar to one I've researched here:

I'd be interested to know if there are any other tech savvy members who are starting to put more of their weekly communications online rather than in print format. Could you share what you've been doing?

Thanks in advance!

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