Missionary myldsmail.net limitations

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Missionary myldsmail.net limitations

Postby guilroo » Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:06 pm

My daughter is a new missionary and we're trying to figure out what the limitations are on her myldsmail.net account so we can determine the best way to use it.

Does anyone know what these limits are?

For example, sending to a group of BCC: recipients was failing so I tried to set up a Google Group, which should allow her to send her messages to just one email address and they'd get distributed to a larger family group. But everyone with a myldsmail.net address in that group shows "Not allowed" under posting. Under Posting Permission for those accounts it says: "Web posting has been disabled for this member by their domain administrator."

So, the admin of myldsmail has disabled the ability send a message to a Google Group. It's also failing to get delivered when she puts people in the BCC: field.

Any thoughts on the best way to make sure her emails get delivered? I'm seeing other missionaries send to large numbers of contacts in the To: field, but I'd like to avoid that, if possible.

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