A plea for a dedicated streaming receiver

Conversations around originating a webcast for conference, including cameras and mixers.
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Re: A plea for a dedicated streaming receiver

Postby johnshaw » Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:31 pm

randysteck wrote: We use an HDMI over Coax unit (discussed in other threads) to get the HD video and audio to these other rooms. The key is that we use the audio from the webcast stream, not from the building sound system for these rooms and the delay of 400msec is not noticeable. Of course, the delay through the streaming servers is longer but we don't use that in the originating building, just the remote buildings. In other words, no receive box is required in the originating building.

I'd love to do this but so far our Stake Presidency, through our High Councilor over Facilities (who is the real STS in our stake, which is a great frustration in my mind) has so far NOT chosen to spend the money to do this. I've put together multiple suggestions, and I believe that given the opportunity to actually speak to the Stake Presidency it wouldn't be that hard to justify the expense, but so far, I'm not someone they care to hear from, nor do they care to read anything I send them, I've attempted multiple angles to get information into their hands, but they have chosen not to care about it.

johnshaw wrote:There is NO control of the type of equipment we use. It is varried between MAC's and PC's some use firefox, edge, and Chrome, some safarri, one person might not know how to separate the audio from the video when using HDMI so their audio goes to the projector and then to the sound system. Some people will plug their audio into the overhead sound system by using an EJ-8 while others will be going out to a TV, others choose to use a Projector.

randysteck wrote:Why don't you have control of the remote building equipment? We send to three other buildings and simply got the same receive box paid for by the stake for all three buildings. Seems that this is something that is actually under your control

See the above answer on why we use volunteers computers. IF I felt that it was my responsiblity to 'lead' the webcast things would be extremely different, if we had a team called and set apart it would be different, I've made the decision to just ride out what my leaders want to do. They can choose to engage me or they can choose to continue as we have been doing.
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