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Camera distribution doesn't work but satellite does

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:48 pm
by sstockfo
Working with coax rf system. We want to broadcast via video camera to the overflow rooms (rs, primary, etc). Currently, the satellite works perfect with the coax rf distribution system. When we disconnect the output feed out of the Blonder Tongue combiner from the passive 4-splitter (I think it said fm splitter onit) and connect the coax containing the camera feed (camera yellow composite goes into a VCR then send rv coax from vcr to a/v cabinet) to the input of the 4-splitter nothing works in the outlying rooms. Yet a tv in the a/v cabinet (hooked to the 4-way splitter) does.

I am assuming that there is a distribution splitter or amplifier that is not working with the vcr signal since the all the rooms we want to have a signal in are all labeled on one coax coming out of the 4-way splitter (4 rooms on that one feed, so it has to be split somewhere in the attic as there is nothing in the a/v cabinet).

Any thoughts as to why the satellite works awesome but a vcr set to channel 3 does not?

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:07 pm
by jdlessley
I am not totally sure I understand how you are inputting the camera into the system. Are you running the camera into a VCR and then bypassing the headend combiner directly into the building coax line? If that is how you are inputting the camera feed it is not surprising there is no usable signal in the rooms. A VCR does not provide enough power to compensate for the line lose over such long distances as well as being split at the same time.

Why are you using a VCR? There should be an RF modulator specifically for a camera in the building. All you need to do is plug the camera into that modulator. That modulator feeds into the headend combiner to broadcast throughout the building. Generally the camera RF modulator will be the one labeled for channel 6.

You can help us if you describe what equipment is in the satellite cabinet. There should be at least three RF modulators and one headend combiner. Is that what you have?

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 1:53 am
by russellhltn
There are two ways the system may be set up. In our old system, the modulators fed a distribution amplifier to feed the entire system. In our new system, the modulators themselves feed a passive combiner to feed the system. That VCR was designed to feed one TV set at close range. It simply doesn't have the power needed to drive a whole system.

As JD said, look to see if there's already a modular in the system. Ours is also set for CH 6 and is fed by a video coax from the back (or middle) of the chapel. The audio is connected to the chapel sound system. Simply plug your yellow composite video out from the camera into that jack and you're good to go.