Android Gospel Library-Scriptures won't play audio

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Re: Android Gospel Library-Scriptures won't play audio

Postby sbradshaw » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:36 am

petersj1 wrote:I'm on the T-Mobile network. My audio playback worked just fine with the Verizon network but now it just skips through the chapters and does not play anything unless I'm connected to Wi-Fi. I have allow network streaming setting checked in the app but it still does not work unless I'm connected to wifi. I want to be able to listen to scriptures through the day but I'm not always able to have wifi. Someone please help me with this issue. I have the galaxy s7 with T-Mobile.

For whatever reason, T-Mobile's Web Guard blocks the Church's content servers – you'll need to disable web guard to be able to stream audio on your mobile network. More info about Web Guard can be found here:
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Re: Android Gospel Library-Scriptures won't play audio

Postby rose883 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:47 am

Android s7 phone. Very frustrating. Tried reebooting. Tried shutting down phone. The play screen at yge bottom chooses moroni 10. But wont gp to yge location. When i get to my location the play screen pops up and leaves very quickly. Does noy respond when tapped. Still no answers. No response.

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