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LDSTech Broadcast: The Gospel Topics Explorer Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Monday, 29 October 2012

The next LDSTech broadcast, scheduled for Friday, November 2 at 12:00pm MDT, will focus on the Gospel Topics Explorer.

The Church publishes topic-based content in a multitude of locations and formats, but these topics generally stand alone, creating duplication and impeding gospel study.

The Gospel Topics Explorer is a prototype application that consolidates a variety of topic-based content published by the Church. This content can be searched using regular keywords or navigated graphically. The relationships between topics can also be explored to deepen the study experience.

Gospel Topics Explorer

The Gospel Topics Explorer is designed to address the gaps in gospel topics and form a foundation for future gospel study tools that will help users guide their personal study, prepare talks and lessons, and fulfill callings.

The broadcast on Friday will provide an overview and demonstration of the Gospel Topics Explorer prototype, with opportunities for questions and answers. You can attend the broadcast either online or in person at the Riverton Office Building. Stewart Shelline, a solutions manager in ICS, will give the broadcast.

How to Attend

To attend the LDSTech broadcast, go to the LDSTech Broadcast page during the time of the broadcast and click the Watch Now button. If you live or work near Riverton, Utah, you can also come to the Riverton Office Building (ground floor, Zion room) to watch the broadcast in person.

Each broadcast is recorded, so if you miss one, you can re-watch the recording at any time. In fact, if you arrive late to the broadcast, you can rewind the broadcast and play it from the beginning.

Asking Questions

During the broadcast, remote viewers can ask questions through Twitter. If you don’t already have a Twitter account, you can sign up for one at When you ask a question, include the hashtag #ldstech in your tweet. For more information, see Twitter and LDSTech.



# Tod Robbins 2012-10-31 13:24
Neat! When will a public be available for use?
# Guy Barnum 2012-10-31 14:02
Is this a PC app or phone based? If PC please consider linux! Linux - it's better than good, it's swell. :)
# Guy Barnum 2012-10-31 14:03
Sorry for double, by 'phone' I meant tablet, mob. devices in general, Android stuff etc. etc.
# Tod Robbins 2012-10-31 14:04

It appears to be a web app as they're using Bootstrap for the site UI and some visualization library for the explorer.
# Evelyn Middleton 2012-11-01 13:28
This is my first time for this LDS Tech. I am so excited. Hope I am enough of tech that I can us all of this knowledge. Boy The brains of our people is very good.
# Mark Kaplinsky 2012-11-02 16:38
I thought the demo was extraordinary. I wanted to try it myself but I can't find a link. Is it available to non-project members?
# John Shaw 2012-11-04 01:19
He stated in the demo that it was not available yet - and he is looking for a server to put it on.
# Tom Johnson 2012-11-10 09:27
The link to the prototype isn't yet available outside the firewall. When it is available, I'll update this post with more information. Thanks for watching the webinar.
# Mark Kaplinsky 2012-11-14 17:15
Both links are dead for me.
# Stewart Shelline 2012-11-14 19:06
Anyone know how to mimic the zoom feature of a PC mouse scroll wheel for phones and tablets? That's the only way to "fly over/zoom in" the large graphs. I haven't been able to find an equivalent gesture for mobile device--are we just out of luck?
# Tod Robbins 2012-11-14 19:12

Try this:

I've heard good things about this library. PS: I'd love to pick your brain about linked open data/semantic web within the context of the church. I recently finished my master of library and information science degree and did a lot of studying and project work related to ontologies. Ping me if you're interested.
# Stewart Shelline 2012-11-14 19:18
Thanks for the tip--I'll have to check it out. I would love to hear about what you've done. You can e-mail me at .
# Mark Kaplinsky 2012-11-14 19:07
It's working now. Thanks.
# Mark Kaplinsky 2012-11-17 20:16
I've been working with the application for several days now. It is a wonderful effort and I love working with it.

I've used it with a number of browsers and Windows XP and 7. I've noticed that there are some problems.

Do you want detailed feedback - and if so, how do you want it reported.

Again, thank you for a great effort.
# Stewart Shelline 2012-11-18 13:24
I have a place where you can record issues. If you will send your e-mail to I will send you a link. Or you can just send your feedback/issues to the e-mail address above and I'll add it to the project.
# renato-Brasil-For-Mo 2012-11-18 07:55
oi eu estou com um problema o meu app na store android nao estar pegando.

estar avendo alguma autualização? nos sistema?

gostaria de uma resposta.

ou por e-mail: renatosamyr@gma
# Josh Hiram 2013-01-23 21:35
Is this an LDSTech project I can subscribe to?
# Blake Erickson 2014-06-03 13:40
All, This app has moved location to
# Marcelo Leite Silveira 2015-05-07 14:53
This app is no longer working at the address below:

Can anybody inform were is the new location of Gospel Topics Library (GTE)? It is available an offline version?

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