What Type of Device is This

Imagine you have been flown to a remote location in the world and assigned to be a technical missionary. One of the members walks up to you and asks you to help them get the scriptures on to their phone. How do you know what type of device you are holding?

Follow these steps to determine the device type:

An iPad, an iPhone and an iPod showing their distinctive round recessed button
iOS Devices

1. Is it an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch?

Look for the single round button with the white square.

Get the Gospel Library app from the App Store on the device when it has a network connection.

two BlackBerry phones and one tablet, showing their distinctive BlackBerry logo
BlackBerry Devices

2. Is it a BlackBerry?

Look for the BlackBerry name and logo.

Get the Gospel Library app from BlackBerry World

a Window Phone, showing the distinctive Windows logo
Windows Phone

3. Is it a Windows phone?

Look for the Windows Logo.

Get the Gospel Library app from

a few android phones and tablets
Android Devices

4. Is it new and not super cheap?

It’s probably an Android. Look for the Play Store app. Download Gospel Library from there.

5. Can it run APK files?

It’s an Android. Side load the Gospel Library APK from Gospel Library for Android.

a few feature phones
Feature Phones

6. It’s none of the above? It is probably a feature phone.

Let’s try copying GospelLibrary.jad and GospelLibrary.jar to it, then select those and see if it will install and work.

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