Using Roo with the LDS Java Stack

Spring Roo is a rapid development tool that creates Spring-based Java projects. Our support for Roo is still in a very early and unstable state, but we invite you to try it out and send us feedback. You can leave feedback by posting in our forum, creating issues in our issue tracker, or by sending email to

  1. Using the Java Stack Starter, create a Roo-based Stack project. Note that Roo projects currently only work on Tomcat.
  2. Download and install Spring's STS product.
  3. Add the LDSTech Tomcat Server Plugin. To do this, follow the directions for adding the LDSTech update sites to your IDE. Then go to Help > Install New Software, and then select the LDSTech Update Site.
  4. Run Roo using the Roo Overview instructions. Build your project like you would any other Roo project.
  5. When you create a database with Spring, you'll want to move the configuration for it into the deploy project to match other Stack projects by adding a DataSource.
  6. Right-click in the servers view, create a new LDSTech Server (when it asks for a Tomcat Server installation directory, point it at any Tomcat 6 installation).
  7. Right-click on your project and select Run As > Run On Server to start your project up.
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