Using LDSTech IDE Betas

Add LDSTech IDE Beta Update Sites

  1. Open your LDSTech IDE
  2. Go to Preferences->Install/Update->Available Software Sites
  3. Disable (by unchecking the box) the following update sites:
  4. Add the following update sites:


Check for Updates

  1. The easiest way to install the beta plugins is to simply tell Eclipse to "Check for Updates".
  2. Select Help->Check for Updates
  3. When updates are found follow the install prompts to install them.
  4. If updates are not found then the beta stream is either currently up to date with the release stream you have installed or you may want to try restarting eclipse.

Getting Off the Beta Stream

  1. To move back to the release stream simply go to the Available Software Sites preference
  2. Uncheck the "beta" updates sites
  3. Check the non beta update sites
  4. Next time there is an IDE release with a higher version number then the current beta you are on then you will be upgraded to that latest release version. It may be possible to uninstall the beta plugins but this is not tested nor recommended. Best to just wait until the next release.
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