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Meetinghouse Technology Roles and Responsibilities

Obtaining, installing, and supporting Meetinghouse Internet and networking needs to be a coordinated effort between Facilities Managers (FMs) & Stake Technology Specialists (STSs). Some activities may require domain specific knowledge or expertise, such as those provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the Global Service Desk (GSD) or a local contractor. The following table shows whether the FM or STS is primarily responsible for each task, as well as those activities that would most probably require domain expertise to accomplish.

The table below reflects the roles and responsibilities generally accepted in the US and Canada. Outside North America there may be some variance in roles and responsibilities. If you are unsure about roles and responsibilities in your Area, speak with your local FM or your Area Office.

Meetinghouse Technology Responsibilities
Internet Service Meetinghouse Firewall Network cabling Hardware & Devices*
Funding FM FM FM FM or STS
Ordering FM FM FM (Contractor) STS
Installing STS (ISP) STS FM (Contractor) STS
Supporting STS (ISP or GSD) STS (GSD) FM (Contractor) STS

*Includes: computers, cameras, wireless access points, switches, webcasting hardware, printers, copiers, etc

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