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There are two ways to connect to the Internet in meetinghouses:

  1. Connect to the LDSAccess wireless network
  2. Connect to an available network jack (A wired connection is preferred for streaming videos. Network cable required.)

Once Connected:

  1. Open an Internet browser
  2. Install the Internet Security Certificate (one time per browser)
  3. Log in using your LDS Account (Internet access may be limited in some situations.)


  • Parents who do not want their children to have Meetinghouse Internet access should contact their ward or district clerk to have it revoked.
  • If you have questions about Meetinghouse Internet, please contact your stake or district technology specialist

Understanding Web Filtering

LDS Internet Access will filter sites that are not approved for use. If you are trying to access a site that you feel should not be blocked, contact your stake or district technology specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can modify building Internet access settings?
Stake or district presidencies determine Internet access settings for their buildings. Under their direction the following individuals can also make this change at any time: high councilors, stake and district technology specialists, stake and district clerks, and stake and district executive secretaries. Since multiple units may meet in the same building and the stake sets the meetinghouse Internet policy, bishops are not authorized to set building Internet access settings.
Why am I prompted for my LDS Account user name and password at some meetinghouses and not at others?
Not all meetinghouses will be changed with this functionality immediately.
Who can I talk to if I’m not authorized to access something that I need?
Contact your stake or district technology specialist.
Are there times when I should use a wired connection instead of wireless?
Yes. Use a wired connection for permanently located computers and high-bandwidth, real-time applications whenever possible.
What do I do if I can’t get access through a wired network jack?
Contact your stake or district technology specialist.
Where can I go to find additional information on Meetinghouse Internet?
The stake technology specialist (STS) is responsible for helping people who have questions or experience problems with Meetinghouse Internet.

Questions and Feedback

Please direct questions and feedback related to Meetinghouse Internet to your stake or district technology specialist.

E-mail us:

Meetinghouse Flyer

2012-meetinghouse-int-flyer.jpg Internet Acceptable Use Agreement

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