Upgrading TFS Project with SharePoint 2010 Portal

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This article provides instructions with screenshots for adding a SharePoint Portal to an existing TFS Project.

Adding SharePoint Portal to an Existing Team Project

After a SharePoint Web application has been added to a team project collection, either the administrator for the Team Foundation or a project administrator can configure any of the projects in that collection with a team project portal on that SharePoint Web application.

To configure a portal, the administrator must first create a SharePoint site for the team project on the Web application and then add that site to the project. The administrator must then manually configure the features for the site so that the reports and dashboards for the project will function correctly.

Creating a SharePoint site for use with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

  1. Open a browser, such as Internet Explorer, as Administrator.
  2. In the address bar, type in the address of the top-level site on the SharePoint Web application where you want to create the site. For us, this is in Dev or Stage and in Production.
  3. Click Site Actions and then New Site:
  4. Click on the TFS2010 Agile Dashboard tile:
  5. On the right hand side of the same dialog box, under the "TFS2010 Agile Dashboard" settings, fill in the Title and URL name fields with the same name as your project. For example, our project is called "MSStack_2" and that is what is typed into both fields:
  6. Click More Options.
  7. Here you can add a Description and edit the Title and URL name.
  8. In the Permissions section, specify the user permissions that are appropriate for your new site. It is likely that you want to click the Use unique permissions radio button here. This will enable you to individually edit site permissions for each Portal site, instead of inheriting the permissions of the Site Collection ("TFS").
  9. Leave the other settings at their defaults and then click Create:
  10. Do not allow the default Site Collection Visitors group to be given "Visitor" access to the new site. This group is wide in scope and will grant read access by default to everyone in DL-ICS-ALL to this new project, which is almost always the wrong thing to do. Have SharePoint Create a new group for visitors to this site:

Note: The site will immediately open after you create it, but some of its features will not appear correctly. This behavior is expected and and will remain this way until you finish adding the site as a portal for a team project.


Adding the SharePoint site as a portal to an existing team project

  1. In Team Explorer, right click the name of the project, select Team Project Settings and then Portal Settings.
  2. On the Project Portal tab, select the Enabled project portal check box.
  3. Select the Use this SharePoint site radio button, and then click Configure URL.
  4. In Relative site path, type in the relative path of the SharePoint site that you created for this team project. As you type the path, it appears at the end of the value in URL.
  5. In URL, click the link. A browser window opens.
  6. Verify that the web site that appears is the site that you want to use, close the window, and then click OK.
  7. If the site is the correct one, select the Reports and dashboards refer to data for this team project check box.
    • Important: If you select this check box and another team project is already using that site, you will cause serious consequences for that team project. By selecting this check box, you will redirect all automated reports and data on this portal to reflect the data for this team project instead of the other team project. You must ensure that no other team projects use this SharePoint site, or you must verify with the owner of the other team project that you should make this change. To redirect the reports and data, you must also be a member of the Project Administrator group in both projects.
  8. Click OK to close the dialog.
  9. In Visual Studio, right click the team project, and then select Show Project Portal. The team project portal opens in a new browser window.
  10. Back in your administrator-launched browser, click Site Actions and then select Site Settings.
  11. Under the Site Actions section, click Manage Site features.
  12. In the list of site features, find each feature that you want to activate for this portal and then click Activate.
    • You should click the Activate button for Agile Dashboards with Excel Reporting.
  13. You will have to wait a bit and then you see the following:
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