Twitter and LDSTech

You can ask questions about Church technology through Twitter, using the hashtag #ldstech.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service. You can post 140 character updates about anything and everything. Your Twitter posts are visible to the entire world. See for more information.

Do I need a Twitter account to post to Twitter?

Yes, you must sign up for a Twitter account to post or respond to anything on Twitter. Signing up for a Twitter account is free.

Why do I include the #ldstech hashtag?

Including #ldstech in your tweet allows anyone interested in this hashtag to see your tweet (without specifically following you). Hashtags are the way people follow topics they're interested in on Twitter. You can search for hashtags by going to Specifically, search for all tweets with the hashtag #ldstech.

Can anyone respond to questions?

Yes, anyone can respond to questions asked on Twitter. Just include #ldstech in your response. Also include the Twitter handle of the person who asked the question (for example, @tomjohnson). This will ensure the person who asked the question receives an update.

For example, if you were responding to a question asked by @tomjohnson about mobile apps, your tweet could look like this:

@tomjohnson The answer to your question is .... #ldstech

If I include @ldstech, what happens?

Including @ldstech (rather than #ldstech) is called a "mention." When you include @ldstech, the person managing that Twitter account will see the mention.

Who responds to questions on Twitter?

The LDSTech team manages the LDSTech Twitter account. However, remember that when you include the hashtag #ldstech, responses can come from anyone in the whole LDSTech community.

What is the scope of questions we can ask?

The LDSTech group is a small subset of the Church's IT department. If your question applies to a technology or site in another group, we typically forward the tweet on to the other group to respond.

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