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Translation needs

The following pages need to be translated:




Other languages

We need help translating pages into other languages as well. If you don't see a language page created for the language you want to help translate into, please follow the process outlined below, as well as in the LDSTech:Translation page.

Maintenance of language translations

Given the dynamic nature of a wiki, the English content changes often. It is important to check the language pages and make sure that the content remains in sync and updated as the English pages change. This applies to all pages under the Meetinghouse technology wiki category. To help solve this problem we are always in need of help to review the translated content and update it to match the English page. For those who are willing to help on an on-going basis, you can use the watch functionality to watch the English page. This will cause an email to be sent to you when changes are made, and you can then keep the translated page current.

Translation basics

Other language links

Each page in the Meetinghouse technology wiki has a template at the top of the page that links to the translation of that page. Note the "In other languages" links just below the title of the page. To view a page in a different language, simply click on the language link next to the "In other languages" text.

If a blank page appears, the page hasn't been translated yet into that language. Please feel free to copy the English text over and being the translation process.

If the language you are looking for doesn't exist, you may click the "edit" link at the end of the "In other languages" line. This will bring up a template that looks similar to this:

{{other languages|en|es|pt|page=Some page name here}}

Simply add a pipe ("|") and the two-character designation of the language you wish to add before the "|page" text, and save the page. This will create a link to the new language for the specific page you are editing. You can find the two-character codes for common languages on the Translation page.

Page title

Each language page should remain a sub-page of the English version. This means that the page needs to keep the same name, with the two-character language code appended to the end. To translate the title, use the {{DISPLAYTITLE:New Title Here}} template. This will change the title of the page without moving the actual wiki page.

Translation process

  1. Add the language to the "In other languages" template at the top of the page.
  2. Copy the English content over to the language page.
  3. Translate the content in place.
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