Talk:Upgrading an Existing Application to use the .NET Stack

Article title

Some issues need to be addressed in naming this article:

  • It should not be so generic. Since it deals with the .NET Stack, it should be something like "Upgrading an existing application to use the .NET Stack"
  • It should follow the guidelines for naming articles and use lowercase except for proper nouns. (Headings should follow those same guidelines, by the way.)
  • The DISPLAYTITLE feature should never be used to change the title; instead, perform a Move operation to actually change the title. The DISPLAYTITLE feature is for correcting issues such as capitalization (e.g., "iPhone") or for translated articles. It's confusing for users if you change the title, because wikilinks that reference the DISPLAYTITLE won't work.

-- Aebrown (talk) 14:54, 14 September 2012 (MDT)

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