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We need to determine whether or not we need a traditional "stack" for the timeline application or whether we can continue with html and javascript. For the LDS and World Timeline, this may work - but for extended use, we need a way to dynamically select the XML files to be loaded (the XML files may be static - or may be streamed for more custom content). - Robert Husted

The LDS Church stack runs on Tomcat, so you don’t need a full Java EE container. We use:

JSF (with Facelets and Seam) Spring Hibernate (via Java Persistence API) Subversion Maven and CruiseControl Log4j Both JUnit and TestNG

We have a small amount of glue code and a fancy little application that will configure a new application for us, but our Maven repositories are internal (hopefully we can fix this soon) so exposing the “LDS Stack Application Starter” externally will not work yet. But since it only takes 60 seconds for me to spin up a new application, I could get the whole thing configured to use an external maven repo and commit the whole thing to a Subversion or CVS repository somewhere where anyone could check it out. We have some good documentation to support the whole thing, but that would have to be exposed externally as well. - Tom Valletta

MarkLogic would allow us to do some very cool searching. If all we are doing is listing a bunch of timelines that people can overlay, then we don’t need MarkLogic. However, what if you wanted to search for a timeline that contained “x”. MarkLogic would enable that. - Tom Welch

Getting started

Is there a current timeline application? If so do I just get it from svn? What do I need to set up on my system to work as an external developer (saw the note about maven repository not being available - what other issues will I face)? - James

There is some existing documentation for Getting started with the LDSTech Java WebApp Platform. Also, Creating a LDS Java Stack Project has some information at the end for importing a maven project into eclipse. Would those be helpful links to place in the Getting Started section? - Josh Cummings

Forum section

Is there a specific sub forum or place to post topics for discussion on the forum? If you want to answer the question by adding the information to the wiki article that is great. I will be monitoring the wiki article. One I have the information I will post my topics for discussion on the forum. Thanks - Daniel

License for example

What license is the example released under? Apache, GPL, BSD-style? -- 10:49, 5 June 2009 Sumsionjg

New live example on Joseph Smith Papers site

Another Church-implemented Simile timeline is live at: [live example on Joseph Smith Papers site]. Very cool, anyone know more about this? Tod Robbins

Similar concept on

A non-Church related resource that enables similar content with additional functionality vs. the JSP site is One thing that I like about the set-up that they have is the ability to zoom in/out in order to have selectable granularity. Also nice is the ability to embed content of multiple formats. See, for example, a World War II timeline at Jaron Nelson

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