Subversion is one of the source control tools used for LDSTech Community Development Projects. Project will eventually move to git


The LDSTech Subversion repository is located at For specific repository URLs, see the Community Projects page.

LDSTech permission

In order to access the LDSTech Subversion repository, you must have an LDS Account. To obtain an LDS Account, you must know your membership number (if you are not LDS, you can still register for an LDS Account). Please follow the LDS Account link to get your account.

Subversion client

You will need a Subversion (SVN) client to access the source code. Wikipedia provides an exhaustive list of SVN clients. TortoiseSVN is very popular on Windows.


Subclipse is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE. If you are using Eclipse, it can be very helpful to install Subclipse, which enables you to do almost all your SVN operations from within Eclipse.

To install the plugin, see Installing the Subclipse Plugin for Subversion in Eclipse.

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