Starting and running an LDSTech chapter

March 10, 2015

Re: LDSTech Chapters

Dear LDSTech Chapter leaders, On behalf of the LDSTech staff and leadership, we express our sincere appreciation for the many contributions and accomplishments that the leaders and members of the LDSTech Chapters have made. Great things have happened, and you have helped the work of the Lord progress, because of your interest in spreading the Gospel through your skills and talents.

After careful consideration, we’ve determined that LDSTech Chapters should be discontinued as a Church-sponsored organization. The goals of helping each other with technology remain valid. We’ve decided that Chapters will no longer be sponsored by LDSTech. Nevertheless, we encourage you and other technologically-oriented members to continue advancing the application and use of Church-related technology in your wards and stakes.

LDSTech continues to look for opportunities to deliver content that advances the adoption of Church Technology and provide opportunities for skilled volunteers to help with ICS work. Thank you again for your enthusiasm in using technology to advance the work of the Lord.

If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Alan Smoot LDSTech

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