Stake technology specialist

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The stake technology specialist is an assistant stake clerk. The stake clerk may be given this assignment if necessary. Many of these responsibilities may be delegated to ward clerks or others assigned by the stake presidency to help manage computers, but the stake technology specialist is responsible to supervise and instruct any others involved in technology in the stake.

Getting started

If you are new to the stake technology specialist calling, you may want to take a look at the Getting started as a stake technology specialist page. It contains suggestions regarding how to hit the ground running in this calling, including what, and who, you need to know in order to fulfill your duties.

Computer responsibilities

This clerk is responsible for managing all the computers in the stake, including those in family history centers.

  • Take direction from the stake presidency in acquiring, placing, and disposing of all stake computer hardware and software.
  • Support everyone who uses computers in Church meetinghouses.
  • Serve as primary contact with CHQ concerning computer hardware and software.
  • Order (Procurement), install, maintain, and support Church computers and printers.
  • Have appropriate physical and password access to all computers and software in the stake.
  • Maintain an inventory of all computer hardware.
  • Ensure that hardware, software, and data are secure and properly backed up.
  • Ensure that Church computers are protected from viruses or improper use.
  • Ensure that all software installed on Church computers is properly licensed.
  • Know and follow all policies and guidelines related to Church computers.

Other responsibilities

  • Serve as the primary contact for technology services and electronic devices in all Church meetinghouses in the stake, including satellite systems.
  • Set up all necessary equipment for Church broadcasts.
  • Record Church broadcasts as directed by the stake presidency.
  • Use Meetinghouse Webcast technology to broadcast local meetings over the Internet to other locations, as directed by local priesthood leaders.

Additional suggestions

  • Act as a resource for families regarding how to use technology safely in the home. This may include coordinating firesides on the subject, providing assistance and advice to members and leaders regarding tools that could be used in the home, etc.


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