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* LDSTech Conference 2011 projects

The Church occasionally has ideas that need to see the light of day before they can be voted on or approved and integrated into the products used by members. This is particularly true in the emerging area of Social Media and Social Network technologies. Participants on this project will be able to help the Church conceptualize projects that may or may not see the light of day. Best of all, the code will be out there in branches of our products that the Church can use in the future or integrate into other products as needed. The value of this effort is incredible, as it allows the creators of Church products to touch, play with, and see first hand how these tools can be useful.

Current projects and Church needs

LDSTech Conference projects

Mobile related


If you have an idea on how the church could use social media. Please post it on the talk page.

Useful social networking studies and research

Do you know of a study that could be useful? Post a link. If it's not available online, then send an email to Jacob and we'll see what we can do.

Team members

Jesse Stay (Facilitator) -

Jacob Floyd (Social Community Manager) -

Bryan Scott (Mobile Developer) -

Subversion & Jira

Source code repositories and Jira projects will be setup soon.

Meeting info

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