Sharing ideas for Church projects

The 2012 LDSTech Conference will feature a new "Idea Showcase" session designed to give you the chance to share your software and technology project ideas for potential sponsorship. If you have a great idea for a Church application, or have already developed an application on your own and want to see it become an official Church application, this is your chance to communicate this information to Church employees. Projects can be large and complex, or small and easy to implement.

If the idea or app has merit, we'll forward it to the appropriate department (for example, Missionary, Welfare, Public Affairs, and so on). Keep in mind that almost all projects that the LDSTech community works on are sponsored by departments other than the IT department (which is actually called Information and Communication Services, or ICS).

If the right department sponsors the project, the idea or app could become an official LDSTech project. (Without sponsorship from another Church department, the idea or application usually will not become an official LDSTech project. There's no guarantee that any proposed ideas will be implemented.)

If you're attending the LDSTech Conference, you can attend the Idea Showcase session. More information about this session will be given later.

In addition to explaining your idea at the Idea Showcase session, you can describe your ideas for Church applications below. Other community members can add their comments about the applications directly by editing this wiki page.

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  • I'm a seminary teacher and I really like the concept of the scripture mastery app that is out, but I think it would be a little more useful with some added information. For example:
    • Add audio to play back the scripture. Allow options to repeat with a delay or even speed playback. This is great for auditory learners or while commuting to hear the scripture play again and again.
    • Include the background information for each scripture. Each scripture mastery card comes with four main topics that provide the historical setting, doctrinal teaching, missionary and personal application. Beyond just memorizing the scripture, students are also to know its context to better explain and use it. A simple tap or swipe to “flip” the card would work great.
    • Include hyperlinks to footnotes and scriptures in the Gospel Library.
    • Remove the ability to edit the scripture. Currently, in the memorize tab, you can actually click and edit the scripture with keyboard input (including copy/paste). No, the changes aren't saved, but it's not a very useful feature and has the possibility for abuse.
    • Add a gaming feature. This app could be powerful and extremely entertaining if you could connect multiple devices together to play a matching game, for example. There are several multi-user game variants that could be introduced over time. Games could include more than just matching, but also fill-in-the-blanks, scripture chase buzzer (e.g., connect x-number of devices to a master device where a scripture pops up and the contestants simply tap/slap their device, Jeopardy style), context/background matching, summary matching, or even case study application.
    • Add the game and scoring piece into the Game Center, as applicable. This could allow a user to play an individual game, post a score, and play rivals on different game types.

-- Dejoha 13:36, 24 August 2015‎ (MDT)

  • Scripture App for GM cars
    • Allow people to listen to the scriptures from their car without a mobile device
    • Could integrate Conference talks, music and live events like Mormon Channel apps
    • Help introduce potentially millions of non-members to the Book of Mormon (because they would download the scripture app for the Bible and see the Book of Mormon as well).
    • GM allows third party apps in their vehicles starting around June 2014. I've started working in this and would love help if others are interested.

--Dahill429 (talk) 19:08, 9 March 2014 (MDT)

  • Food Storage Mobile App
    • Track food storage inventory
    • Scan bar codes on food storage items or enter by hand
    • Link to conference talks and other information on preparedness
  • LDSTech Conference Mobile App (like the RootsTech conference app)
    • Allow participants to register for classes
    • Provide up to date schedule
    • Gather feedback on sessions

--Kathryngz 15:57, 29 March 2012 (UTC)

  • Food Storage Website
    • Interactive where individuals can schedule visits and order items, etc
    • Administrative work is done, ordering, inventory, payments, etc
    • Stats are included in the website for each location, usage, amount of orders, trends, etc.
    • Church welfare farms are also included in the website with interactive features.
    • Hot switch a web page to another language.
    • The purpose of this would be for users to obtain a link to send to a friend whose primary language is not the same as the user. Alternatively, it could be to share the page when in the physical company of the friend and allow them to read the page on the user's tablet computer in their own native language.
    • All webpages that support multiple languages, especially, could be enhanced to allow a simple switch from person's native language to another language by selecting a language from the standard dropdown list in the header, and display the currently selected page in the selected language.
    • The current behavior at when a different language is selected is to display the main page, not the page that it was currently displaying in the other language. This forces the user to try to follow the links to get to the page they want, possibly several layers down, in a language that is not their primary language.
    • Interestingly, the only thing that changes in the link is the ?lang= part of the URL, as in
    • I would say that if the URL is invalid for that language for some reason, that the main page could be displayed instead of a 404 error page.
    • This would also facilitate multi-language testing and comparison of the website's pages.

--Stevneil 02:07, 31 March 2012 (UTC)

    • This idea would probably work best in a tablet form factor because of needed screen real estate.
    • Left side pane would be used for users native language, right side pane for translated host country language
    • App would allow for simultaneous display of the same content, at the same time, in two languages, i.e. English on the left, Spanish on the right.
    • App would scroll/move/replace content in right pane at the same time that the left pane was changed, i.e. 1Nephi 2:10 in English in left pane, 1Nephi 2:10 in Spanish in right pane.
    • In Central and South America, there is a great interest in learning english. Such classes are being conducted for free for the public in ward/branch buildings. Scriptures are used for this teaching effort and then persons who express an interest in knowing more are referred to the missionaries. This app enhancement would facilitate that effort.
    • For those of us who are living/serving in a country other than our native country, such an app would have a great impact on our ability to study, share and communicate in the host language. Language proficiency in the host country language would be greatly enhanced.

--Rby7 (talk) 16:58, 14 July 2012 (MDT)

  • Ward membership memory game
    • Download photos, names, and addresses from membership data and use them to generate questions for games that help people recognize and learn the names of members of their ward (and stake).
    • Game ideas:
      • Given a family's last name, identify the family from a grid of several photos
      • Frst-name fill-in-the-blank: "What is Sister Smith's first name? (She lives at ....)"
      • Shown a pin on a map, select which family lives there.
      • "Which of these families has a member named Jane?"
    • Various "achievements": score 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%; get 100% in less than n minutes; etc.
    • As a social element, could show high scores for members in the same ward.

--Hadfieldn (talk) 23:46, 28 October 2012 (MDT)

  • YSA and Singles dating web application
    • Singles create profiles with uploaded photos and answer "get to know you" questions.
    • Users must have LDS account and must receive permission from authorized leader (maybe Bishop) to use site
      • Authorization could be similar to youth Dance Card interviews
    • Users can search for others in their local area
    • Users can be matched by algorithm which analyses answered questions and rankings of importance
    • Users can also be matched by other users and "matchmakers"(volunteers, probably family or friends)
    • Users should have ability to change privacy settings for any information uploaded.
    • App/Site will include dating guidelines and ideas - can be rated by users.
    • Users can volunteer for blind dates, or if safety concerns, double with a chaperon couple. (I'd do it!)

--Tyjoti89 (talk) 16:09, 17 June 2013 (MDT)

  • LDS Youth app on Windows
    • Really, it would just be the same LDS Youth app that you would find on iOS or Android. I'm just asking for it to be on Windows (preferably 10).

--Ej6612 (talk) 12:03, 7 September 2016‎

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