Scriptures on mobile devices

The scriptures and other Gospel Library content can be downloaded to a mobile device for offline reading.

Handheld content on

Go to to download content for many devices.

Palm Pocket PC Symbian BlackBerry
MarkMyScriptures Yes Yes
Mobipocket Yes Yes Yes Yes
iSilo Yes Yes Yes
eReader Yes Yes
Plucker Yes
MSReader Yes
YanCEyWare Yes


Get scriptures and other gospel library content for your Blackberry using the MobiPocket reader.[1]

First install the MobiPocket reader on your BlackBerry by browsing to on your BlackBerry Internet browser.

Then you have two options:


  1. Run MobiPocket on your BlackBerry
  2. Use the eBookstore store to buy and download the LDS scriptures and other library content
    • Several options are available
    • Search for “LDS”
    • Or check out LDS Book Club (MobiPocket Bookstore)


  1. Download the free scriptures to your PC from
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Copy the LDS Scriptures.prc file to the eBooks folder on your BlackBerry or a memory card.

Additional details

See more details at the Eternal Chaos blog. Be careful about using the free scriptures file provided there. It doesn’t have the footnotes and has inferior navigation.

Other free content can be downloaded from or from


  1. Thanks to , which provided most of the original instructions for BlackBerry.
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