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The goal for this Facebook App would be to create a Scripture Mastery game where you could challenge your Facebook friends. It would initially be a tab on the Seminary Facebook Page and that particular version of the app would only allow Seminary-aged students to play against each other, but eventually, we should be able to pit different age groups against each other and allow players to play against the entire group of players, Church-wide regardless of age.


  • Scripture Book, Chapter, and Verse appears and student is given opportunity to type the chapter and verse. The typing will be timed and the time will be recorded when finished. Times will be compared against friends and overall, by age group and overall for the entire game
  • Scripture Book, Chapter, and Verse appears and student is given opportunity to speak, using voice recognition of some sort, the verse.
  • A "hint" feature could be added that gives the first letters of the words in the verse, then certain words, more words, etc. The more hints taken, points will be taken off (or time added).
  • Somehow we should figure out a way to time searching and finding scriptures - not sure if this is possible digitally or not
  • After the tab is built, an iPhone app would be really cool that uses the Facebook and Twitter APIs to pull in your friends to play against
  • Maybe a live mode, where you play against your friends or your seminary class at the same time - perhaps a way to identify your friends on Facebook that are in your Seminary class


  • Jesse Stay - - coding, general direction, Church Liaison
  • Colin Jensen - - marketing, general, non-programmer, work for a Facebook App

Do we have any Social Gaming experts? Can you refer some? We'd love experts who know how to design fun and engaging games that keep users interested, both in coding and designing the apps. If not, we just love your help anyway!


The Church has a Scripture Mastery app that might give some inspiration and maybe graphics we could use.

There is also a Find tool that we could use for the Find game.


We need to check, but where this is only a prototype at the moment, we may be able to get away with releasing the code as GPL on this, making it easy to install outside of Church-owned websites so if it isn't accepted for any reason other developers can take it and go use it in their apps. Jesse will check on this.

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