Project Announcements

Community issue tracking system in place

We have a new community issue tracking system in place. This tool is called "Jira" from Atlassian. You can read more about Jira by visiting the Atlassian website.

The URL for this new tool is at If you would like to contribute to projects and be assigned to issues within Jira, you need to have a Jira account. Just join a project on, and you will be auto provisioned for Jira to add new issues and comment on existing ones. Please DO NOT send us your password.

Moving to HTTPS for key tools

Subversion, the Java repositories, Jira, and Wiki are now accessed via HTTPS instead of HTTP. Please make sure you updated your links to represent this change. Below is a summary of the new full URL's for these tools:

Wiki -
Subversion -
Java Repositories:
Documentation -
Maven Repositories -
Jira -

LDSTech Java Web Application Platform documentation

The documentation for the LDSTech Java Web Application Platform can be found on the LDS Java Stack.

Where is Subversion

Many people ask where Subversion is? The Subversion URL is We have several projects posted there (like HT/VT, Timeline, and others).

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