Philippines area implementation plan (Meetinghouse Internet)

The Philippines area implementation plan (Meetinghouse Internet) for Meetinghouse Internet is outlined here. This page should include instructions specific to this area that the Stake Technology Specialist needs to know. Specific details regarding volume discounts, specific price deals reached with vendors, etc should not be shared here - but rather this page should direct the Stake Technology Specialist where to go to find information on those details for this area.

Approved Internet Services for the Philippines Area

Facilities management can order internet for meetinghouses from the ICS department in the Philippines Area Office to avail of corporate packages and plans that have good service level agreements and are paid centrally in the area office.

The approved internet services in order of priority and availability are:

  1. DSL or broadband
  2. Fixed wireless (SmartBro)
  3. Satellite Internet (PLDT VSAT)

ICS is continuously testing other internet services. You can visit this page to know the latest approved products and services. As of this time, 3G or USB modems are not yet approved for meetinghouse internet.

Cost of Internet

All internet services must not exceed P 3,000.00 for its monthly recurring charge. For any consideration, please contact ICS Philippines.

2012 Roll Out Plan

Currently, 99 meetinghouses to be installed with PLDT DSL. Installation will start from December 15, 2011 to March, 2012. These sites are recommended to be prepared for installation by providing proper service entrances, communication cabinets and in-house wiring. To know more about the cabling standards, please see the file below.

Cabling Standards

ICS have collaborated with MFD to create a new standard plan that will be implemented to new and addition projects. Since most meetinghouses for installation are existing buildings, retrofitting plans have been made to adapt to the building needs. For any concern, FMs are advised to ask their RFMs for advise. Attached is the cabling standards for the Philippines. For any question with the standards, please contact ICS Philippines.

File:Philippines Area Cabling Standards for Meetinghouses.pdf

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