Personal Video Conferencing requirements

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This page outlines the requirements for using Personal Video Conferencing.


To use PVC, you will need six things (more details below):

  • Be a Church employee or hold one of the authorized leadership positions
  • LDS Account
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • PC or Mac computer with compatible browser, or Apple or Android mobile device
  • Camera
  • Audio device

Broadband Internet

Minimum Recommended
Download speed 500kbps 1Mbps or higher
Upload speed 500kbps 1Mbps or higher

If you would like to test your Internet connection, use the speedtest tool, which will show your connection statistics to the PVC servers.


You will need a relatively current-model Windows-based PC or Mac computer.

Minimum Recommended
Operating system Windows XP SP2 or Mac OS X 10.5 Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
CPU speed 1.8GHz duo-core 2.0GHz duo-core or higher**
RAM memory 2GB 2GB or more
Hard drive space 40MB 40MB

∗∗ In order to achieve 720p HD video with PVC without maxing out your CPU, you will need a quad-core processor or a webcam with a built-in video processing chip, such as the Logitech B990 (see below).

The following browsers are supported:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  • Mac: Firefox and Safari

Mobile device

iPads and iPhones, as well as Android mobile devices can be used with PVC. For complete system requirements and how to install and use, click here.


A high-quality webcam will give you the best results with PVC. Many laptop PC's have built-in cameras - these will certainly work, but picture quality is lower.

Here are our recommendations:

Camera Computer support Details
Built-in camera Laptops Convenient choice but low picture & lighting quality
Logitech C310 Windows Less-expensive 720p HD webcam with microphone & auto-adjusting lighting technology
Logitech C525 Windows Mid-range 720p HD webcam with microphone & auto-adjusting lighting technology
Logitech C910 Windows & Mac Excellent 1080p HD webcam with dual microphones & auto-adjusting lighting technology
Logitech C920 Windows Excellent 1080p webcam. Features on-board H.264 processor that offloads video processing; however, our testing has not shown that it makes a difference with PVC. The C910 will likely deliver the same results for less money.

Audio devices

This is one of your most important considerations. With the proper audio setup, PVC should work well for you. With an improper audio setup, you will most likely have an unsatisfactory experience.

Many users jump in and attempt to use PVC using the built-in microphone and speakers on their laptop. While this is tempting, this will usually produce poor audio results, particularly for those you call. Here is what we recommend instead:

Device Details
Built-in mic & speakers We do not recommend using built-in audio. If you simply have no other choice, at least be sure to check "Echo cancellation" in the PVC client under Configuration / Devices.
Logitech webcam mic + ear buds An inexpensive yet effective option. The Logitech webcams have very good microphones built in; combine that with earbuds from your music player plugged into the headphone jack on your PC.
Logitech USB Headset H390 Less-expensive USB headset with boom microphone - good choice for single participant
ClearOne Chat 50 USB speakerphone with microphone & speaker, echo & noise cancellation - good choice for single participants or small groups
ClearOne Chat 150 USB speakerphone with 3 microphones & speaker, echo & noise cancellation - good choice for medium-sized groups
ClearOne ChatAttach 150 2 daisy-chained USB speakerphones with 3 microphones & speaker on each unit, echo & noise cancellation - good choice for larger groups

For all choices above except the built-in mic and speakers, the Echo Cancellation option should be checked off in the PVC client under Configuration / Devices. If it is left on, you may experience clipped audio.

Places to purchase

The equipment listed above may be purchased anywhere you can find it. Church HQ does not fund the purchase of webcams and audio devices for ecclesiastical leaders' use. Determination of how to fund those purchases is left to the discretion of local units.

We have established a purchasing relationship with a reseller located in Salt Lake City. They offer a special discounted price for the Church on the ClearOne Chat USB speakerphones, which should be the best price you will find, and they can ship internationally. They can also provide Logitech equipment; however, you may easily find that equipment locally at similar price levels, so feel free to shop around.

Reseller for ClearOne Chat & Logitech products:

Taylor Ericson
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