Personal Video Conferencing policies and guidelines

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This page outlines the policies and guidelines around the use of Personal Video Conferencing.

Acceptable Use

Who is authorized to use this product?

The following are authorized to use PVC:

  • LDS Church employees
  • Seventies (all quorums)
  • Area Presidencies & Executive Secretaries
  • Temple Presidencies & Executive Secretaries
  • Mission Presidencies & Executive Secretaries
  • MTC Presidencies & Secretaries
  • Stakes & District Presidencies, Executive Secretaries & Clerks
  • Stake High Councilors
  • Stake Technology Specialists
  • Bishops & Ward Executive Secretaries
  • Branch Presidents & Branch Clerks
  • Visitors Center Directors
  • Historic Site Directors

Note: in some versions of the notice sent out on September 19, 2011, ward & branch auxiliary presidencies were incorrectly listed as being eligible for PVC accounts. They are currently not eligible.

At this time, Utah-based stake and ward leaders are not automatically authorized for PVC accounts. Because these leaders generally live in close proximity, they have less need to communicate over long distances via PVC. If Utah-based leaders feel that they have a legitimate need for PVC, they may request an account on an exception basis by contacting the Global Service Center (GSC).

Why are bishopric/branch counselors and auxiliary leaders not on this list?

In order to best utilize PVC resources without overwhelming the system, the positions in the list above are automatically granted accounts when requested at However, PVC users are able to invite other people who do not have an account to a PVC meeting.

For example, a bishop (authorized PVC user) may want to hold a PVC meeting with his auxiliary leaders. He can invite them as guests even though they do not have accounts. There is a small cost incurred even when inviting guests (one-time cost when they first download and install the software), so this feature should be used wisely. For instructions on how to do this, see How to invite a guest.

How am I allowed to use this product?

Personal Video Conferencing (PVC) is intended for individuals conducting LDS Church business and ecclesiastical work. It is not to be used for personal use such as family meetings. It is also not to be used for highly confidential meetings such as disciplinary councils.

View the notice on Personal Video Conferencing availability and policy.

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