Ordering meetinghouse Internet products through LDS eMarket

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Use the following instructions to order meetinghouse technology products through LDS eMarket.

Note: Facilities Management personnel can order through LDS eMarket.

  1. Login to the Church Financial Information System with your LDS Account
  2. Select LDS eMarket from the menu on the left
  3. Select the Create Requisition option
  4. Click the magnifying glass next to the Business Unit field
  5. Select either ACQ for Domestic purchases or USPUR for International purchases to populate the Business Unit field
  6. Click the magnifying glass next to the Requester field
  7. Select the correct Requester to populate the Requester field and click OK.
  8. Select LDS eMarket as the Merchant
  9. Click the Search Drop Down Menu and select Browse Internal Catalogs
  10. Scroll down to find the category called Meetinghouse Technology.
  11. Under the Meetinghouse Technology category, select the check box next to Meetinghouse Internet
  12. Click the Go button at the top of the page
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